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Port Angeles WA Vacation Rental Home FrontPort Angeles Vacation Homes 

It is no question that vacation homes are a fun family getaway and the perfect place to enjoy your vacation, but did you know that they are also perfect for all ages and reasons. Weather you are a retire that is trying to experience life from a new perspective, or a student just starting out, vacation homes are a stress-free way to experience all the new things in life.


We all know how stressful college life can be but adding the stress of rent and dorm expenses it can make it ten times worse. Depending on where you decide to go to college it may be a better cheaper option to rent a vacation home with your friends then paying for a dorm or an apartment. They also much easier to live in with a fully stocked vacation home you won’t have to buy any furniture. In fact, most vacation homes come with onsite washers and dryers, which saves you the stress of having to you the coin washers. Studying can be difficult when you are in the school’s library and most the time when you try to study in a shared it can even more frustrating with all the noise. Therefore, wining vacation homes another point, at least in my opinion. Especially since all most all of them come with free Wi-Fi with no restrictions. They also have rules about pets and other things, making life just a little more fun. The vacation homes sound just a little bit more intriguing, now don’t they?


All the mothers and fathers out there know that traveling with young kids, preteens, and teenagers can be a pain in the neck, to add to that pain you must find the right hotels, decide how to get there, and the amount of living expenses the will be flying out of your pocket. Well what if I were to say that by renting a vacation home, for a short or long period of time, it could take at least a little bit of stress off your shoulders? Would that peak your interest? Well let me just start with there is a vacation home for every type of family from small to large. Unlike hotels where you only get a maximum of two beds per room, a vacation home has the amount bedrooms and beds you need along with a kitchen, front room, and separate bathrooms. That means that your teens no longer need to argue about who gets the bathroom first. Now about the kitchen, you know most hotels don’t come with one unless you want to spend a lot of money.  Having a fully stocked kitchen means that you don’t have to go out to eat for every meal. Which in turn means you can save you a lot of cash. Living rooms mean more family time or a nice place to relax after a long day of fun, instead of a cramped stressful environment of a motel room. Also might I add the accommodies such as free Wi-Fi great for work or streaming, washer and dryer for when your children get just a little too messy, and most offer a place for your little fury friends to sleep, so they can come and enjoy the fun. With enough space for you family, a beautiful kitchen and living room, and all the accommodations, a vacation home is definitely a step in the right direction when planning for you next vacation.


Do you want to see more of the world after retiring? Do you want to still feel comfortable and free while doing so? Do you want to feel stress free when planning your trip? Well then, a vacation home is perfect for you. After renting out a vacation home you don’t have to worry about remembering to check in every day. Or have to wake up early for a breakfast that’s honestly not very good anyway. With vacation homes you simply rent them for a set amount of days at anytime and then rest easy. With a fully functional kitchen you can make your own meals instead of eating what ever the hotel offers. Most hotels don’t feel very inviting and the beds are bad on the back and uncomfortable, however these homes have nice welcoming beds and a homey feel. Let’s just say they are great at being you home away from home. They have all the things you never thought needed to enjoy your vacation. Like comfortable living spaces beautiful land, separate bathrooms and bedrooms, wonderful views, and that homey feel. Plus, most vacation homes come with brochures to help you learn about city your staying in and all fun things you could experience. With all the great things they come with, vacation homes are the best way to experience life after retiring.    


In conclusion vacation homes are perfect for any age from the tiniest of children to the retires. With everything they offer and provide these homes make it so much easier for you to travel and enjoy your vacation without the stress and worry. Thank you from all of us here at The Spirit Of Port Angeles

Hiking Washington Olympic Mountains

Olympic National Park Washington HikingHiking the Washington Olympic Mountains

Hiking a trail in our Olympic Mountains is one of the most beautiful nature activities. However it can be hard find the trail that best fits your wants and needs. Some of you who read this are new to the area and love to hike. Others are just wanting to start hiking but don’t know where to begin. This blog will not only tell you where the best trails are but what level they are, how long they are, and if you can bring your furry friends with you. So read on if you are interested in starting your hiking adventure.

Olympic Mountains Hiking Trails:

  • Hurricane Hill
  • Sunrise Ridge
  • Klahhane Ridge
  • Madison Falls
  • Cirque Rim Nature
  • Olympic Hot Springs
  • Lake Angeles
  • Wolf Creek
  • Heart of The Forest
  • Little River

Hurricane Hill

Hurricane Hill is a trail that is 3.2 miles long and has a moderate difficulty. You gain 650 feet in elevation as you climb the trail and eventually reach the peak at 5757 feet. With its wide tail and beautiful views of Bailey Range, hikers will definitely not get bored here.  This trail consists of three generous switchbacks to a summit complete with interpretive signs pointing out the visible peaks and towns, as well as the various burns that have come through this area. After you reach the top you will most likely run into a little bit of snow, the snow usually last until about the middle of the summer. You will occasionally see ferries here at the top, shuttling people back and forth between the US and Canada. The only downside about this beautiful trail is you can’t bring your furry friends with you.

Sunrise Ridge

Sunrise Ridge is also a moderately difficult tail and is 5 miles long. You will gain and elevation level of 1,100 feet. This kid friendly tail is lined with beautiful wildflowers and wildlife. During early morning or late evening encountering some resident wildlife like: deer, bear, coyote, and the ubiquitous ground squirrel is quite likely. It is at its most beautiful in summer wildflowers grow in profusion. There are many gorgeous sites including a pretty view of the sea. Like most trails in the Olympic mountain area pets aren’t allowed here.

Klahhane Ridge

Klahhane Ridge is a moderately difficult trail as well as the last two trails. I has a distance of 5 miles round trip. You will gain 1,700 feet in elevation and will reach a peak of 6,050 feet in total. This beautiful trail runs right along a gorgeous blue lake. In summer, this trail also offers meadows full of colorful wildflowers. Wildlife also comes around this area, make sure to keep a sharp eye out for mountain goats, marmots, black bears and deer. You will see views from Morse Creek Valley to Hurricane Ridge. Winter time offers plenty of snow to look at and play in. However along with the other trails you can’t play with your pets here.

Madison Falls

With a distance of 0.3 Madison Falls is one of the easiest and shortest trails written about so far. However even thought it might be short and easy it is still very rewarding. This trail eventually takes you to a breath taking waterfall. This Trail starts off with a paved trail making it very easy to traverse. As follow along this trail you will come across a wooden rail, so you can view the creek through the branches of the forest. You will be able to see the beautiful sights and sound of wild birds flying overhead. Along with the birds you will also see tons of wildflower, mostly witnessed in the summer time. The best part is you can bring along your puppies as long as they stay on a leash. 

Cirque Rim Nature

Cirque Rim Nature trail is also an easy trail. However it I longer then the last one, with distance of 2.6 miles round trip and a starting elevation of 5,245 feet and an increase of elevation at 310 feet, you will reach the peak at 5,473 feet. This fun trail is kid friendly and has plenty of birds flying through the area. Much like the other trails this one offers wildflowers and wildlife. As you walk along the trail you will be surround by fields of long grass. However, this trail is not pet friendly.

Olympic Hot Spring

The Olympic Hot Spring trail is about 5.2 miles round trip and is also considered an easy trial. Walking along this trail you will gain 600 feet in elevation and reach a peak of 2,084 feet. While heading up this trail there is a picnic stop along the Elwha River and an incredible look at the site of the former dam at Glines Canyon. You will also encounter the bridge over Boulder Creek. Once you cross over the bridge you will soon be able to see the hot springs. However, before you jump in be sure to test the temperature, some of the hot springs can reach temperatures as high as 118 degrees. Along with most trails, this one does not allow dogs.

Lake Angeles

This is one of the harder trails with a distance of 6.4 miles and has an elevation gain of 2,350 feet for a grand total of 4,196 feet at peak. In the winter this trail contains a lot of snow which might make it more difficult to climb. After walking this trail you will come across a 20 acre tear drop shaped lake. This gorgeous lake was created by glaciers that left behind smoothed rocks and sharp ridges. As you reach the lake Klahhane Ridge and Mount Angeles tower high overhead. You are invited to stay the night here because several campsites exist at the north end of the lake. Also a trail that says no dogs are allowed.

Wolf Creek

Another hard trail to traverse, with a distance of 15.1 miles long and an elevation of 4,049 feet. This trail offers bird watching and wildlife. You are surrounded by trees and wildflowers the whole way through. If you walk along this trail far enough you will be able to see a beautiful water fall. This trail is not open to dogs.

Heart of the Forest

This trail is at a moderate difficulty and a distance of 4.2 miles. You will gain 500 feet in elevation and reach the peak at 1,900 feet. This trail also says no dogs. The trail starts off wide, with a bridge over a very pretty little stream. At the beginning the trail is wide enough to easily have two hikers side by side, but gradually it narrows as it continues into the heart of the forest. This trail has a lot of huge trees and quite a bit of flowers, however earlier in the morning you might be lucky enough to see a deer or two. At the end the trail descends 500 feet into a creek valley and its end at a fallen tree.

Little River

This is also a hard trail with a distance of 13.8 miles and a total elevation of 3,608 feet. This trail starts out steep but flattens out only a little. The trail declines down to a lovely little river. You’ll cross many well-built bridges, with plenty of photo opportunities. This trail also offers a lot of interesting historical things, like a spiral-looking structure that once supported wooden water pipes. There are also hidden caves along the trail. This trail also offers forestry, wildflowers and wildlife, along with beautiful birds flying overhead. However this trail does not allow pets.

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Whether you are a beginner are a skilled hiker it is always wonderful to get out there and enjoy the nature and beauty around you in our Olympic Mountains . There are many more trails to explore both hard and easy and even trails that allow you to bring your pets. They may be hard to traverse but most trails have a gorgeous payoff waiting at the end, just for you. So get out there and explore. Thanks from The Spirit Of Port Angeles

Water Sports Options For Our Area

Washington State Water Sports Water Sports Options 

If you come to the olympic peninsula you will see that there are many great options for water sport opportunities. We all know that there is something fun and energetic about water sports. Don’t forget adventurous. There are many different ways to enjoy the water and many different things to do. The fun never stops. So today we will go into detail with three different sports and how they are different.

About Sailing

Sailing is a fun sport that uses wind to move you across the water. The most common sailboat has eight important parts: hull, tiller, rudder, mainsail, mast, boom, jib and keel. These parts each contribute in helping the sailboat work. The hull is the shell of the boat, it hold basically everything. On the outside of the oat is the tiller, this controls the direction the boat goes. Consider the mainsail, other sails, and your keel as your engine. The boom holds your sail together and your jib is you other smaller sail that adds additional power to you “engine”.  There are many different activities to do while sailing. You could enter in to a sail boat race, or just relax on the boat. You could read a book or go fishing. You can get sail boats at any size, you could have on just for you or one big enough for the whole family. The best thing about sailing is enjoying the breast as sail quickly through the water. It is also one of the best and cheaper boats to use to travel.

About Kayaking

A kayak is much like a canoe, however, it is distinguished by the way you sit and how many blades are on the paddle. A kayak is a low-to-the-water boat, shaped like a canoe. You sit facing forward, legs in front, using a double-bladed paddle to pull front-to-back on one side and then the other in rotation. Much different from sailing you kayak basically in any body of water. Kayaking has grown so much in that past years and people enjoy kayaking now more than ever. There are many different kinds of kayaking: whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking, touring, recreational kayaking, sit-on-top kayaking, kayak fishing, and kayak camping and many more. However each of these different types of kayaking requires different types of equipment, so before you jump the boat and go out to buy random equipment remember to do your research.

Kayaking may appear easy and effortless but it does take some skill. There are a lot of ways to move the paddle and a lot things to learn to control the small boat, so remember to practice before going out on that big expedition.

About Canoeing

Canoeing is a fun family or big group sport. It’s a fun way to get out and do things with nature with your friends. In most cases the boat holds multiple people and is meant to be controlled by at least two people. It is also good to know what kinds of canoeing you will be doing and who you will be bring with you so you know what equipment to bring and what kind of canoe would suit your situation the best. This type boating can be used in many different fun ways, you could fish, race, ride the rapids and more. This is a great boat to take camping with you as well.


Get out there and enjoy the water anyway you see fit. Enjoying the outdoors is an amazing way to connect both to yourself and others. Make sure before you go however to do you research and get the right equipment. Also remember to be safe out there in our beautiful Olympic Peninsula of Washington. Thank you from all of us here at The Spirit Of Port Angeles

Depression Anxiety Suicidal

Are You Experiencing Depression, Anxiety or Suicidal Thoughts?

Knowing when you suffer from one of the following is the fist way to start your fight against them. This subject hits pretty close to home for me. I’ve suffered from all three of these mental illnesses from the age of eleven till now. I know I’m supposed to tell you that it gets better, that it will go away, and that’s the case for some people but sometimes it doesn’t and that’s my honest answer. However, even though it doesn’t go away, and you don’t get better, it does get easier to fight against. So, going forward with this subject there are a few things you should know. For instance, how to tell if you actually have some these mental illnesses, or what you can do to help you fight against them, and what these illnesses actually mean.

Knowing What You Have:

Knowing what you have is the best way to start moving forward. There are many tests you can take on the internet that can give you a general idea. You can also go to your doctor, even though he/she can’t really diagnose you, or refer you to you to someone who can.


  • Definition: A mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Also called major depressive disorder or clinical depression, it affects how you feel, think and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems.
  • Symptoms:
    • Mood: anxiety, apathy, general discontent, guilt, hopelessness, loss of interest, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, mood swings, mentally numb, or sadness
    • Sleep: early awakening, excess sleepiness, insomnia, or restless sleep
    • Whole body: excessive hunger, fatigue, loss of appetite, or restlessness
    • Behavioral: agitation, excessive crying, irritability, emotionless, or social isolation
    • Cognitive: lack of concentration, slowness in activity, or thoughts of suicide
    • Weight: weight gain or weight loss
    • Also, very common: poor appetite or repeatedly going over thoughts
  • Fighting it: Talk to your doctor, he will recommend a therapist of a counselor. That therapist can prescribe medications and they are also great non-judgmental people to talk to. If you would rather not talk to someone or you just don’t have finances to do so, you can fight it on your own. Find ways to channel your depression into something that is productive and not self-destructive, something you enjoy doing, for me that is writing whenever my depression gets bad again I write poetry or blogs like this, you could also try other things like drawing, or if you’re more into physical activity, you can try dancing, listen to music, boxing or something simpler, jogging. However, fighting it on your own will only work if are determined to get better. You must give it everything you’ve got.

Here is some helpful web links on depression:
NAMI – Depression


  • Definition: an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure. People with anxiety disorders usually have recurring intrusive thoughts or concerns. They may avoid certain situations out of worry. There also many kinds of anxiety.
  • Symptoms:
    • Whole body: fatigue, restlessness, or sweating
    • Behavioral: hypervigilance or irritability
    • Cognitive: racing thoughts or unwanted thoughts
    • Also, very common: anxiety, excessive worry, fear, feeling of impending doom, insomnia, nausea, palpitations, poor concentration, or trembling
  • Fighting it: Dealing with anxiety can be difficult especially on your own. Taking it slow and facing your fear I find is the best way to fight it. For me I suffer from social anxiety, meaning I am afraid to talk to strangers or to be inside a big crowd, sometimes I’m afraid to leave my house. At first it was very hard for me to face my fear but eventually it did get easier. I push myself to face my fear at least once a day, by going outside and talking to a stranger, or by standing in a crowd.
  • Fighting Anxiety Attacks: This is a little harder to do, when you are in the middle of an attack it is very hard to think, so getting through them seems impossible. For me I call for someone I trust to come sit with me and help me through it, like my mom. Having someone there to help you focus on breathing or just to hold your hand it helps. However, if you are completely alone or you just don’t want anyone there with you, try playing music and focusing on your breathing, there has been times when I was alone, and I had to talk myself out of it, and I know it’s not easy, but slowing your breathing is the best way to break free from the anxiety attacks.

Here is some helpful web links on Anxiety:
Psychology Today – Anxiety


  • Definition: Thinking about or an unusual preoccupation with killing one’s self.
  • Symptoms:
    • Feeling helpless; trapped by emotional pain
    • Psychosis
    • Self-loathing
    • Hopelessness
    • Paranoia
    • Intense emotional pain
    • Feeing hopeless about a situation
    • Mood swings
    • Sudden changes in personality
    • Severe anxiety and agitation
  • Fighting Suicide:

This is one of the hardest things I have ever had to fight. I used to get suicidal thoughts daily, but I fought against them for the sake of the people I love, and I still am fighting, because giving up and giving in is not an option. Even though you think suicide will end the pain, it won’t, it will only pass it on to the people that love you. Even if you think that no one does, there will always be one person out there that does. They may not tell you every day that they love you, but I can promise you that they do. Even if you can’t fight for yourself, fight for your family, your siblings, your friends, you parents, even the people that put you down every day, prove those people wrong. Prove that you can get past this and that they no longer affects you. Stop telling yourself that you aren’t strong enough because you are.

If you can’t fight it on your own, which is okay everyone needs help sometimes. Try talking to a close friend or even a family member. You could also call the suicide hotline. They will help talk you through and can give you some pretty good advice. So please give them a call 1-800-273-8255 Today!

Here is some helpful web links on suicide:
AFSP – About Suicide

Thank you from all of us at Spirit Of Port Angeles

The Monster – A Poem By Winter Judd

“When I’m going through my states of depression and suicidal thoughts I like to write, it helps me get what I’m feeling out of my head and onto a page. So, since this is such a personal subject I’m going to share one of my poems with you”

There’s this monster

We call depression

It looks us in the eye

Every morning

And tells us we are not good enough to survive

This monster calls us ugly

This monster calls us worthless

This monster calls us unwanted

And the only thing we can call this monster is death

Because for some of us death is the only option

But that’s the funny thing

Suicide doesn’t kill this monster

It only sets it free

Free to move on to the closest person it can find

And that person can be

Your mother

Your father

Your sister

Or your brother

And sometimes this monster is strong enough to take over them all

When these monsters take control

They take our mind body and soul

Like a black hole

Ripping us apart from the inside out

They make our tears fall

Till we feel nothing at all

Until we are completely numb

And there is nothing left of us

We are just a walking corpse

Waiting for the perfect moment

To tie the rope

But suicide is not the only way out

Let go

Let go of the pain

Let go of the hate

Let go of the tears

Let them roll down your cheeks

Let the storm come

Because the storm will pass

And you will come out strong enough

To kill the monster inside…


Winter Judd

Please feel to comment your thoughts below . . .