Bicycle Theft Prevention

Bicycle Theft Prevention In Port Angeles WA

Nobody wants to deal with the theft of their bike while on vacation and we want you to have a great experience when you come to visit our great town of Port Angeles Washington. This post provides some information and suggestions to help you be more aware of what you can do to help ensure you don’t have to deal with losing your bike through theft. Bicycle theft is an issue in many towns and cities, small and large across our nation. This page offers  a quick reference to some measures you can take to help prevent your bicycle from getting stolen while you are traveling or on vacation

Two Major Scenarios with Bicycle Theft:

1 – The vast majority of bikes which are stolen were not locked to begin with. The owner of the bike rushes into a store with the intention of being right back only to find their bike gone upon return to the location it was left.

2 – Visitors and residents often make the mistake of thinking it is okay to leave the bike unlocked when it is at the home on the porch or even inside a fenced are only to find it missing from where they left it the next day.

Occasionally, especially during a bike festival or race (NW Cup) when there are a LOT of bikes in town, a bike cable may be cut and the bike removed from a bike rack right off from a vehicle.

I personally keep a very small combination cable lock in my bike tool kit just in case, this is just enough to prevent someone from walking away with it easily if I’m out of sight of the bike. But for me, I virtually never leave my bike unattended. If I need to go in somewhere, I’ll even bring it in the store with me.

Usually, the higher the security, the more difficult it is to carry the lock or cable. A normal ¼” cable with lock should be sufficient during the day. It would be rare for a daytime cable-cutting thief to get away with it. PA is NOT Seattle!

Theifs Will Go For The Weakest Link

The thief will attack the weakest link. So if I buy a $50 padlock, they’ll simply cut the cable. If my cable and lock are beefy, they’ll also look at the structure the bike’s locked to, for instance, is it locked to a street sign and can they lift it right up and over the sign?

Leaving Your Bicycle Out Overnight

Leaving your bike out overnight is another story as most real bike thieves will have a bolt cutter on hand. In this case, a U-Lock would probably be better than a cable. Storing the bike inside a building or vehicle is the BEST defense. Keeping it OUT of SIGHT.

We had a higher-end bike stolen right off from a vehicle bike rack last year. The cable was cut. Solution: If it’s expensive, take a few minutes to lock the bike inside the vehicle.

If Your Bicycle Must Be Left Outside

If it is necessary to lock the bike outside, most all bikes have quick release hubs allowing you to remove the front wheel. Yes, this requires carrying the wheel with you wherever you go or locking the wheel separately with the bike or at a second location. Or, better yet, inside a vehicle.

Also, especially for a high-end bikes, the seats can easily be removed and carried it. Anything to make the bike more unappealing to a thief. Peddles can also be removed in about a minute. This sounds extreme, but it is an option depending on the situation and how badly one wants to dissuade a would-be thief.

Bicycle Lock Options

bicycle disk lock in Port Angeles Washington Disc Lock

This is a great option as there are no cables that can be cut. This lock is in a steel case making it harder for a thief to disassemble and get away with your ride. Keep in mind with this type of lock, if you lose your key, you may be hiring a locksmith or someone with a big bolt cutter or a torch to remove it from your bicycle. It is a good idea to make sure you have a second key, in a safe place on you, so if ever needed, you can efficiently unlock it.

U bicycle lock port angeles wa U Lock

With a U Lock, just as the disc lock above, you do not have cables which can be easily cut with bolt cutters. Especially difficult to cut if the lock is made from hardened steel. These U-shaped bolts can easily be used to secure your bicycle to a parking rack.

Unlike the disc lock, the U lock allows you the option to lock your bicycle frame along with a tire securely to the bicycle parking rack. You can also use two, one to lock the front tire to the rack, and the other to lock your frame and back tire to the rack. This option will most likely deter any possible thieves as a very serious attempt to secure your bicycle.

cable bicycle lock port angeles wa Cable With Combination Lock

This lock is one of the most common bicycle locks we see these days. These locks have somewhat flexible cables which can be woven between both tires and frame as well as the securing it to the bike rack. The problem with a cable lock, such as this, is that the cable can quite easily be cut with bolt cutters.

When I lock my bike(s) to a vehicle bike rack or bike rack, I choose to use a beefier combination cable.

If you are wanting to go with a padlock style, the one which may be the hardest to cut would be the disc style discussed above.

Final Thoughts On Stopping Bicycle Theft

In a nutshell, please use common sense. We do not suggest that you leave your bicycle in a dark alleyway here in PA or any other town or city. Keep your eye on your ride at all times if possible and/or check on it often. Remember, out of sight, out of mind.

We will like to thank the Port Angeles Police Department for information and input they provided to us on how you can safely secure your bicycle to help prevent theft.  We truly hope that you found this article about helping to prevent bicycle theft helpful when you are traveling or visiting Port Angeles and other destinations. Thank you from all of us of The Spirit Of Port Angeles.