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It is no question that vacation homes are a fun family getaway and the perfect place to enjoy your vacation, but did you know that they are also perfect for all ages and reasons. Weather you are a retire that is trying to experience life from a new perspective, or a student just starting out, vacation homes are a stress-free way to experience all the new things in life.


We all know how stressful college life can be but adding the stress of rent and dorm expenses it can make it ten times worse. Depending on where you decide to go to college it may be a better cheaper option to rent a vacation home with your friends then paying for a dorm or an apartment. They also much easier to live in with a fully stocked vacation home you won’t have to buy any furniture. In fact, most vacation homes come with onsite washers and dryers, which saves you the stress of having to you the coin washers. Studying can be difficult when you are in the school’s library and most the time when you try to study in a shared it can even more frustrating with all the noise. Therefore, wining vacation homes another point, at least in my opinion. Especially since all most all of them come with free Wi-Fi with no restrictions. They also have rules about pets and other things, making life just a little more fun. The vacation homes sound just a little bit more intriguing, now don’t they?


All the mothers and fathers out there know that traveling with young kids, preteens, and teenagers can be a pain in the neck, to add to that pain you must find the right hotels, decide how to get there, and the amount of living expenses the will be flying out of your pocket. Well what if I were to say that by renting a vacation home, for a short or long period of time, it could take at least a little bit of stress off your shoulders? Would that peak your interest? Well let me just start with there is a vacation home for every type of family from small to large. Unlike hotels where you only get a maximum of two beds per room, a vacation home has the amount bedrooms and beds you need along with a kitchen, front room, and separate bathrooms. That means that your teens no longer need to argue about who gets the bathroom first. Now about the kitchen, you know most hotels don’t come with one unless you want to spend a lot of money.  Having a fully stocked kitchen means that you don’t have to go out to eat for every meal. Which in turn means you can save you a lot of cash. Living rooms mean more family time or a nice place to relax after a long day of fun, instead of a cramped stressful environment of a motel room. Also might I add the accommodies such as free Wi-Fi great for work or streaming, washer and dryer for when your children get just a little too messy, and most offer a place for your little fury friends to sleep, so they can come and enjoy the fun. With enough space for you family, a beautiful kitchen and living room, and all the accommodations, a vacation home is definitely a step in the right direction when planning for you next vacation.


Do you want to see more of the world after retiring? Do you want to still feel comfortable and free while doing so? Do you want to feel stress free when planning your trip? Well then, a vacation home is perfect for you. After renting out a vacation home you don’t have to worry about remembering to check in every day. Or have to wake up early for a breakfast that’s honestly not very good anyway. With vacation homes you simply rent them for a set amount of days at anytime and then rest easy. With a fully functional kitchen you can make your own meals instead of eating what ever the hotel offers. Most hotels don’t feel very inviting and the beds are bad on the back and uncomfortable, however these homes have nice welcoming beds and a homey feel. Let’s just say they are great at being you home away from home. They have all the things you never thought needed to enjoy your vacation. Like comfortable living spaces beautiful land, separate bathrooms and bedrooms, wonderful views, and that homey feel. Plus, most vacation homes come with brochures to help you learn about city your staying in and all fun things you could experience. With all the great things they come with, vacation homes are the best way to experience life after retiring.    


In conclusion vacation homes are perfect for any age from the tiniest of children to the retires. With everything they offer and provide these homes make it so much easier for you to travel and enjoy your vacation without the stress and worry. Thank you from all of us here at The Spirit Of Port Angeles

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